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A delightful story-driven exploration platformer game about facing inner demons.

Help with duties around the inn, meet unusual characters and try to fit into the new place during the day while trying to run from your anxieties and nightmares during the night.

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Scarlet Deer Inn is a delightful story-driven exploration game set in the Middle Ages about facing loss and anxieties, exploring strange places, and meeting unusual characters.

You play Elise, a shy farm girl that, after losing her parents, moves with relatives who run a reputable inn. You’ll take care of many activities around the inn, meet unusual travelers with their stories and explore the many sides of the busy town and its surroundings while dealing with your fears and inner demons in your sleep. As long as you’ve got enough light, you’ll be fine.

Scarlet Deer Inn logo horizontal line

  • Explore a blend of a nice story-focused adventure game and an atmospheric exploration platformer set in medieval times
  • Enjoy beautiful hand-drawn art and traditional animation
  • Meet unusual characters and experience moving stories filled with unforgettable moments
  • Spend time helping with many activities around the inn
  • Discover secrets while exploring the Scarlet Deer Inn’s surroundings and the busy town nearby

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Current state of the game:

Now we’re at the end of the pre-production phase. The main storyline and characters are completed. We’ve done some environment art. Practically finished is also the technical side of the game with all the mechanics. The prototype runs fine on PC and Switch, so we’re going to focus on story details, dialogues, art, and animation from now on.

We plan to regularly show details about the development process and our current state on our social media (Twitter, Facebook). We’ll do our best to finish a public demo of the game later this year.


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